Let the songs of the migratory birds thrill you, let a stroll in Kutch’s wildlife reserve inspire you, feel lucky to have caught a glimpse of the rare Wild Ass, or simply relax in the peace and tranquility of nature’s womb.

Welcome to the land of life and legends, welcome to the Dholavira Tourism Resort.

Dholavira Sanctuary

Dholavira is a rich resource for bird watchers. Thousands of migratory birds, including some of the world's extremely rare species throng the pastures of Dholavira during migration season.

Harappans of Dholavira

Considered to be older than the Egyptian Pyramids, Dholavira's remains of the Indus Valley Civilization are unlike any other in the world and remind us of it's glorious past.


Kutch is just as famous for its unique handicraft work as it is for its white desert and Indus Valley ruins. Kutch's handicrafts are vibrant, with intricate workmanship, and precise embroidery work that is reminiscent of its strong cultural roots.

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