Dholavira Tourism Resort Khadir Bet, Dholavira


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Dholavira Tourism Resort

Far away from bustle of the city, deep in the heart of a majestic past, is the Dholavira Tourism Resort. It is an ideal retreat for families and nature enthusiasts alike. The resort offers a perfect blend of hisory, nature and along with the comfort of modern amenities.

Come escape into our beautifully designed guest cottages that stretch from a pristine local environment to the edge of the arid desert.

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A vacation at the Dholavira Tourism Resort is about celebrating history, soaking in with the locals and discovering the beauty of the Great White Rann of Kutch. That’s why we have ensured that you get all the amenities that make your trip worthwhile.

Enveloped in natural beauty, our resort’s experience offers guests an incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in the region’s unbelievable environment while learning about the local landscapes and wildlife.

The resort is also a starting point to several outdoor activities and sightseeing tours. It is with this vision that involvement of the locals has been our prime objective. Numerous people from in and around Dholaravira have found employment here at the resort as its helpers or as experienced travel guides for visitors.


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